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Building-to-Grid Project: National Grid

Description of Utility Need

National Grid is seeking solutions to fill the gap between grid operation software tools and building management systems and/or building device control systems for use in a building-to-grid project. Participating buildings will primarily be single- and multistory multifamily residential, in addition to several commercial buildings such as grocery stores, gyms, and restaurants. The project plans to build around 2,000 net-zero, possibly all-electric, units over a period of 10 years.

Expected Impact

The project will develop building-to-grid software, communications, and integration to building management system and distributed energy resources to:

  • Actively manage the increased load to support grid integration, while minimizing grid infrastructure investment
  • Provide compensation to the building owner and tenants

Target Customers and/or Applications

Solutions should apply to mixed-use development, including multi-family homes, apartments, and commercial buildings.

While National Grid has tentatively identified an applicable site in Syracuse, this location has not yet been contracted.

Types of Partnerships and Solutions Being Considered

Preferred partnerships include those with developers, consultants, aggregators, and/or technology providers.

Preferred solutions include those that:

  • Connect between grid monitoring and control and buildings monitoring and control (grid control to BMS, grid control to building device, or grid to building via aggregator)
  • Optimally integrate and dispatch behind-the-meter distributed energy resources with the distribution grid
  • Optimally integrate building residents’ and business’ needs and value

Funding Pathways

Compelling solutions may be funded through National Grid’s current rate case, pending approval. Submissions may be used to shape a future RFP.

Background / Related Information

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