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Connected Buildings Pilot: PSEG Long Island

Description of Utility Need

PSEG Long Island is seeking submissions offering a holistic package that can monitor and adjust building load based on price and dispatch signals, to be implemented initially as a pilot project. This pilot should demonstrate interoperability among a variety of devices from different manufacturers, thus simplifying communications and control signals between the utility and customer devices. Price and dispatch signals such as a time-of-use rate may initially be used to reduce peak demand and energy supply costs and could potentially be used to support more day-to-day load flexibility for a wider array of grid services. This pilot will help move PSEG Long Island toward its goal of evolving into a customer-centric distributed system platform.


Expected Impact

Solutions should help to increase the value of distributed energy resources (DER) for both customers and the utility by enabling demand flexibility to reduce supply and infrastructure costs. A system with demonstrated interoperability across different equipment manufacturers may encourage greater market participation and increased customer adoption. The package may additionally act as a non-wires solution to avoid infrastructure upgrades and associated rate impacts.


Target Customers and/or Applications

PSEG Long Island is interested in relevant solutions across all customer sectors but is particularly interested in solutions for residential customers.


Types of Partnerships and Solutions Being Considered

PSEG Long Island anticipates that this project will initially be a technology demonstration, with the goal of actively responding to price and/or dispatch signals, which may be tariff-based or bilateral contracts, to incentivize flexibility.

PSEG Long Island would prefer a holistic package without proprietary limits in order to facilitate communication with and control of a wide variety of DER. It would also be useful to collect customer data regarding willingness to accept third-party control of devices.


Funding Pathways

Compelling solutions may be considered for incorporation into proposed funding for PSEG Long Island’s 2021 Utility 2.0 Plan, which will be submitted in mid-2021.

Background / Related Information

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