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Distributed Communications Project: National Grid

Description of Utility Need

National Grid is seeking economical alternatives to existing communications solutions to more closely integrate distributed energy resources (DERs) and distribution automation schemes, as well as facilitate DER participation in wholesale markets.

Expected Impact

Compelling solutions will:

  • Decrease infrastructure costs
  • Facilitate greater integration of DERs to support Climate Act goals
  • Maintain and/or improve system reliability while integrating DER

Target Customers and/or Applications

Solutions should target DER customers or developers; these may be residential, commercial and industrial, or front-of-the-meter.

Types of Partnerships and Solutions Being Considered

National Grid is considering partnerships with communication hardware providers, distributed generation developer(s), a lab-testing entity, and/or communication consultants. Desirable solutions include communications hardware, communications software, and services for technical design and testing in both lab and real-world settings.

To support the Climate Act while ensuring safety and reliability for all customers, National Grid is focusing on greater integration of DER into the grid through:

  • Utilization of low-cost alternatives to DTT and 3V0
  • Communications between National Grid and NYISO for new DER market products
  • Increased integration of DER into distribution automation schemes
  • Low-cost monitoring and control for smart inverters

Funding Pathways

Compelling solutions may be funded through National Grid’s current rate case, pending approval. Submissions may be used to shape a future RFP.

Background / Related Information

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