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Increase Participation in Storage Offering of Dynamic Load Management Tariff: PSEG Long Island

Increase Participation in Storage Offering of Dynamic Load Management Tariff

Description of the Partnership Opportunity

LIPA authorized a change to PSEG Long Island’s Dynamic Load Management (DLM) Tariff earlier this year to provide for the participation of both customer sited storage paired with renewables and customer sited stand-alone storage. Similar to other offerings in the DLM tariff, the program anticipates Aggregator companies will provide the interface to customer participation. Given the infancy of this market, PSEG Long Island is interested in receiving proposals on unique business models and approaches which will increase participation in the offering.

Top Goals and Objectives of This Opportunity

Increase participation in the Storage offerings under the DLM program in support of PSEG Long Island’s portion of the NY State storage goals.

Target Customers and/or Applications

Both Residential and Commercial customers may participate, in accordance with specifications in the DLM tariff.

Submissions can specify whether they would be best applied territory-wide or in specific areas, such as if a pilot is proposed, including, for example, PSEG Long Island’s Super Savers area in North Bellmore where additional incentives may be available (see PSEG Long Island’s 2018 Utility 2.0 filing for more information on Super Savers).

Partnerships being Considered

Participation in program is required to be through tariff, but unique solutions which might increase participation, including unique ways in which PSEG Long Island can partner with a third-party submitter, will be considered.

Proposed partnerships could include currently or prospective Aggregators in the DLM program.

Solutions Being Considered

Unique business models and/or trade ally partnerships which work to benefit all Aggregators which choose to participate in the offering.

Some examples of ideas PSEG Long Island would be interested include, but are not limited to:

  • Business models for customer-sited storage that can currently utilize the tariff structure
  • Partnerships to promote outreach and marketing of the DLM tariff to Aggregators and customers
  • Pilot project ideas that could test new business models within the tariff structure
  • Unique ideas that may inform PSEG Long Island about limitations to its current DLM tariff and point to additional value that could be realized if certain changes were made

Solutions may also take advantage of behind-the-meter storage incentives that PSEG Long Island offers its customers (see PSEG Long Island’s 2018 Utility 2.0 filing for more information).

Potential Replicability and Scalability

Replicability and Scalability would be dependent upon the solution.

Ideas could lead to possible expansion to other components of the Dynamic Load Management program or to other unique solutions for Non-Wire Alternative applications. Ideas could also inform DLM-type tariffs that are being contemplated by other utilities in New York.

Solutions Not Being Considered

PSEG Long Island is not considering ideas that would require:

  • Increasing base tariff amounts beyond existing levels
  • Utility ownership of assets.
Primary REV Objective

Ideas submitted to this opportunity will help PSEG Long Island in supporting their portion of NY State’s energy storage goals by animating the market for new storage resources, including those that can be paired with renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions.

Background / Related Information

DLM Tariff: Section XIII of LIPA Tariff beginning with Leaf 327

2018 Utility 2.0 Filing, including information on behind-the-meter storage incentives and Super Savers.

2019 Utility 2.0 Filing, including proposed pilot programs to increase adoption of distributed energy resources, such as the Energy Concierge and On-Bill Financing

Energy Storage Innovation Sprint

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