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Accelerating the Gas Transition


Accelerating the Gas Transition will help decarbonize New York State’s natural gas system and end-uses, such as heating and industrial applications, to achieve Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (Climate Act) targets and other local requirements, such as Local Law 97 in New York City. While there are efforts underway now to support building decarbonization, such as New York’s Clean Heat program and utility non-pipe alternatives projects, there are still areas in need of innovation to cost-effectively tackle the next stage of transition, ensure equitable access to solutions, and transform the business models for gas utilities.

Accelerating the Gas Transition needs can be addressed by a variety of solutions. Here are some illustrative examples of utility opportunities, and we expect even more could address this Innovation Opportunity – stay tuned for our Innovation Sprint on this topic coming later in 2021!

This Opportunity differs from the existing Clean Heating and Cooling Opportunity by tackling innovation for longer-term challenges, rather than focusing on near-term adoption of distributed solutions such as residential sited heat pumps or other behind-the-meter solutions. The Clean Heat Program also has resources for related solutions.

Check this page in the coming weeks for a list of utility need statements and example project concepts.

Funding Pathways

If you have a solution in this area, please stay tuned to REV Connect for our Accelerating the Gas Transition Innovation Sprint  to learn about utility needs. You can also explore these funding pathways:

  • Utility non-pipes solicitations address one aspect of this Opportunity; a full list can be found on our RFP page.
  • NYSERDA PON Renewable Heat NY Program offers funding for installation of biomass heating.
  • NYSERDA PON Community Heat Pump Systems offers funding for site-specific scoping studies, site-specific detailed design studies, construction, and best practices guidebooks.