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REV Connect Criteria

What makes a great REV Connect idea?

Your idea submission should help advance New York State’s REV goals and share the value created by addressing an unmet need, offering a superior solution to those currently in use, or enabling utilities to offer a significantly better value to electric customers. This can be in the form of an innovative business or market model coupled with a product, service, or technology.

The REV Connect team evaluates submissions before bringing qualified ideas to New York’s investor-owned utilities and State energy agencies. While REV Connect offers an initial screen using specific criteria, the decision lies with utilities and submitters on whether to proceed with a partnership, or to first work together to refine a solution’s business case.

For resources to support a better understanding of REV and individual utility innovation interests and activities, see the REV Briefings, Innovation Opportunities, and Utility Profiles.

Review Minimum Requirements

Your submission must meet certain threshold requirements to be considered for a consultation from a REV Connect team member.

Submissions must:

  • Complete all form fields
  • Provide a valid contact name and email address
  • Indicate interest in partnering with a utility
  • Not be a response to an active procurement (e.g., RFP)
  • Not include sales pitches or marketing materials
  • Not be a request for R&D support
  • Not be a policy position statement


If the submission does not meet these minimum requirements, we’ll send an email to the contact provided with a brief explanation and links to any relevant information.

Review Criteria for Facilitation

The REV Connect team will use the following criteria to evaluate and categorize submitted ideas. We will consider both information provided in the online submission form as well as additional information provided if a consultation is held. You should develop your ideas and materials to clearly articulate how your idea meets or exceeds these criteria.

REV Connect will summarize its assessments in weekly reports to individual utilities and the NY State team. In these reports, submissions will be categorized as follows:

  • Exceeds expectations in Partnership Structure and Viability of Business Model criteria categories
  • Meets expectations in all criteria categories
  • These ideas are considered ready to partner
  • Meets expectations in all criteria categories
  • These ideas may need additional feedback and support to refine approach
Does Not Meet
  • Does not meet expectation in any one criteria category
  • Invited to resubmit after revising based on REV Connect team feedback

Facilitation Criteria

The REV Connect team evaluates ideas based on five criteria categories. While we offer an initial screen using these criteria, the decision to proceed with a partnership lies with utilities and submitters.

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  • Viability of Business Model: Does the business model articulate all elements, including unique value propositions, and address market needs and opportunities?
  • Utility Partnership Structure: Does the proposed utility partnership structure employ an innovative approach beyond the conventional vendor/utility procurement relationship?
  • Submitter Capability: Does the team have experience in developing similar ideas with successful outcomes?
  • Advancement of REV: Does the idea advance REV by addressing REV Objectives, enhancing Distributed System Platform (DSP) functional capabilities, or supporting market-based approaches?
  • Uniqueness of Innovation: Is the business model idea unique and does it take an innovative approach to address needs as compared to conventional solutions?

For more information about the facilitation criteria and how assessments are made, please see our Criteria Assessment Guide.

Qualify Consultation

For more information on the questions we will be asking in the qualify consultation to assess the criteria, please see our Qualify Consultation Guide. 

More Information

Our primers can get you up to speed on unique aspects of REV Connect and partnering with New York utilities.

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