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Below is what happens to a successful idea.

The REV Connect team follows a multi-stage process to help New York utilities and market solution providers share ideas efficiently and connect to drive value implementation in the State.

The REV Connect team assesses submissions to ensure the idea meets the minimum requirements, facilitation criteria, and fitness for utilities. Our work is focused upfront to support utilities to source more innovation from the market and to coach submitters to put their best business case forward. If a match is made, the utility and the solution provider work together directly to reach a business deal.

REV Connect also launches Innovation Sprints that target innovative partnerships to address near-term priorities.

More on our stages

Identify Opportunities

REV Connect helps utilities identify needs within our list of Innovation Opportunities. Submitters become familiar with innovation opportunities, including through kickoff webinars for Innovation Sprints, and submit ideas. The REV Connect team processes submissions, including verifying that minimum requirements are met.

Qualify Following Consultation

REV Connect team members review submissions to determine the extent to which the submitter and idea meet the facilitation criteria. If the submission qualifies for consultation, REV Connect team members will consult to better understand their ideas and summarize their assessments. Our industry experts can also help to refine parts of the submission, such as impact metrics and project budgets, before sharing with utilities. If it is determined that the submission does not qualify for consultation, a REV Connect team member will notify the provided contact and offer the opportunity to resubmit.

Connect Submitter and Utility

REV Connect presents the New York utilities and State energy agencies with qualified ideas based on consultation conversations. The REV Connect team consolidates and sends feedback and, where there’s a match, connects submitters with interested utilities and other potential market partners.

While REV Connect offers an initial screen using specific criteria, the decision lies with utilities and submitters on whether to proceed with a partnership or to first work together to refine a solution’s business case.

In addition, each utility may use the market intelligence gained through REV Connect to inform an RFP or RFI solicitation to competitively select market partners. Please only include non-confidential information in your initial submission to REV Connect. If there is a later need to evaluate confidential information, we will discuss how to proceed.

Partner to Advance New Business Models

Utilities and submitter(s) work together—with facilitation and oversight from the REV Connect team—to develop a business case and funding request for utility and regulatory approval. The type of business relationship that might result from a submission of interest could take a variety of forms, depending upon the specifics of the idea and both the submitter’s and the utility’s needs.

As projects advance from submission through implementation, REV Connect tracks projected impacts and provides guidance to address challenges and barriers.

Implement Partnership

Utilities and submitter(s) work together to gain any regulatory approvals and to deploy their project or partnership. As new projects become operational, REV Connect tracks actual impacts and shares findings with New York State.