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Energy Storage

Updated August 13, 2019


New York State utilities are looking to deploy greater amounts of energy storage to support various objectives, which include:

    • Improving system reliability and resilience,
    • Improving system-wide efficiency by managing peak demand, particularly with increased electrification of buildings and transportation needed to reach carbon neutrality
    • Facilitating integration of renewables to support the state’s renewable electricity goal of 70% by 2030.

REV Connect is facilitating innovative ideas and business models that work in partnership with utilities to deploy energy storage in a scalable manner that maximizes value to utilities and ratepayers.

Energy storage solutions are not limited to stationary batteries and may include solutions incorporating, for example, thermal storage or electric vehicles.


Welcome to our Energy Storage Innovation Sprint. Our goal is to help innovative companies and utilities deploy demonstration projects, new technology, and diverse business models that advance New York’s REV goals related to energy storage.

REV Connect Innovation Sprints focus attention on timely and specific utility needs for innovative energy partnerships. For each Innovation Sprint, we invite market players to submit ideas within a specific theme and time-frame.

Top submitters will receive expert feedback, be invited to an in-person meeting with New York utilities, and benefit from potential matchmaking with one or more of the utilities to pursue innovative partnerships.

The Energy Storage Innovation Sprint kicks off with a webinar, closes with a submission deadline, and culminates in an in-person, invitation only workshop.

Key Dates:

    • Webinar: August 13, 2019 at 2:00 PM Eastern
    • Submission deadline: September 17, 2019 at 8pm Eastern
    • Facilitation: September – October 2019
    • Workshop: October 24, 2019 (tentative)

Want to participate? See links to additional information here that will help you put your best foot forward and subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed about upcoming activities.

Utility-Specific Interests

Utility Propose Ideas Via Interests and Needs
Central Hudson REV Connect
Con Edison REV Connect
  • Given the large number of ongoing storage initiatives, Con Edison has not identified a specific need for the Sprint. However, the Company will review submissions to other utilities’ needs and meet with potential market partners based on Con Edison’s interest in individual proposals
National Grid REV Connect
NYSEG and RG&E REV Connect
O&R REV Connect
PSEG Long Island / LIPA REV Connect


REV Context

Energy storage is expected to play a critical role in realizing REV objectives and has therefore been a significant area of focus for New York State.

In January 2018, Governor Andrew Cuomo set a state energy storage target of 1,500 MW by 2025. Following this announcement, NYSERDA and DPS published the New York State Energy Storage Roadmap, which identifies policies, regulations, and initiatives to grow the energy storage market and lay the near-term foundation to realize the 2025 goal and establish a storage goal for 2030. In December 2018, a NYS Public Service Commission (PSC) order established a goal of installing up to 3,000 MW by 2030. The order also addressed a variety of policies regarding rates, markets, incentives, utility roles, and other topics, including requirements for utility procurement of bulk storage dispatch rights, as well as the allocation of $310M toward Energy Storage Market Acceleration bridge incentives.

The New York utilities are currently working to execute on existing storage projects, as well as deploy new projects. Existing projects were driven in part by a PSC requirement that each utility develop two energy storage projects by the end of 2018. New projects in development are driven in part by the requirements and incentives set forth in the aforementioned December 2018 PSC order.



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