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Data Services

Updated February 2, 2018


New York State utilities are expanding their data analytics capabilities as part of their evolution to distributed system platforms (DSP) and are looking at ways to monetize the data and capabilities from these platforms. REV Connect is facilitating innovative ideas and business models that work in partnership with utilities to leverage utility data and provide value for the market, utilities, and customers.

Possible utility partnership opportunities could include:

  • Targeting utility customers geographically to increase program participation and the adoption of distributed energy resource (DER) solutions
  • Improving data analysis to provide greater insight into system planning and other grid efficiencies
  • Offering value-added services that use utility platform data to meet the specific needs of DER providers and other market vendors
  • Developing data management solutions to accommodate the large amounts of data generated by the DSP
  • Leveraging utility investments such as advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to offer advanced interval data

Utility-Specific Interests

Utility Propose Ideas Via Interests
Central Hudson REV Connect Interested in approaches that help determine the value of granular data to the market and help understand data needs
Con Edison REV Connect Interested in understanding the types and characteristics of data that would be of value to the market
NYSEG and RG&E REV Connect Interested in leveraging data from its Energy Smart Community in Ithaca to provide additional value for customers and support increased grid efficiency
National Grid REV Connect Interested in partnerships that leverage data to identify areas where distributed generation (DG) would benefit specific distribution network needs
O&R REV Connect Interested in understanding the types and characteristics of data that would be of value to the market


REV Context

Under REV, utilities are transitioning toward operating the electric grid as a distributed system platform (DSP), a network platform that enables market-friendly connections between DER, large-scale power generators, customers, and other parts of the energy system. New York is encouraging the expansion of data-driven DER solutions, pricing, planning, and grid management through the DSP. The DSP depends on a sophisticated analysis of granular data to drive the markets it supports.

Many New York utilities have plans to deploy AMI as described in their Distributed System Implementation Plans (DSIPs). These utilities are seeking to improve their analytical capabilities and data platforms to accommodate the increased volume of AMI data.

New York utilities have the opportunity to earn new revenue—known as platform service revenues (PSRs)—from the data services. Utilities can also propose and receive shareholder performance incentives—known earnings adjustment mechanisms—for advancing customer engagement, system efficiency, and other key public policy goals.


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