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Innovation Opportunities

New York is looking for innovative solutions and partnerships to modernize its energy system

New York’s investor-owned utilities are actively seeking innovative solutions in the Opportunities by Topic areas identified here with priority to our Innovation Sprints. During a Sprint, individual utilities will develop Opportunities by Utility statements to further describe certain priority business needs. 

Submit your idea to REV Connect if your innovative business model or solution matches the opportunities here.  Submissions will be evaluated for a potential partnership with the State’s utilities. Curious about how to proceed? Learn more about our process and criteria.

Opportunities by Topic

Grid-Edge Flexibility

Innovative solutions that will help maximize grid and end-use (“Grid-Interactive”) flexibility, i.e., load control and optimization, to balance the system at a 70% renewables generation mix by 2030.

Sprint kicks off on February 10, 2021

Accelerating the Gas Transition (Coming Soon!)

Solutions that will help New York State decarbonize a large portion of its thermal load that is currently met with fossil fuels as it transitions to a low-carbon future.

More details coming soon!

Energy Efficiency Financing

Stimulate market-based approaches to financial assistance for energy efficiency that are more cost-effective and scalable than traditional government or utility incentive programs. 

More details coming soon!

Optimized Distribution

Encourage integration of the grid and other infrastructure to enable increased electrification and an electricity mix with a higher share of renewables while maintaining reliability by deploying alternatives to traditional grid-side solutions.

More details coming soon!

Customer Engagement

Enable customer education and outreach in engaging ways to achieve Climate Act targets that require individual decision making. 

More details coming soon!

AMI Network Access

Utilize the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) communication network to provide useful functionality for system operations, third-party data traffic, and smart city services.

Clean Heating and Cooling

Cost-effectively electrify space heating and cooling systems to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from buildings.

Connected Communities

Make it easier for New Yorkers to choose low-carbon, grid-interactive solutions that provide electric grid benefits and make progress toward the State’s clean energy goals.

Data Services

Provide value-added services that monetize the data and data analysis capabilities of the utility-as-distributed system platform (DSP).

Electrifying Transportation

Support the adoption of personal and fleet electric vehicles (EV), the expansion of EV infrastructure, and the intelligent integration of EVs into the electric grid.

Energy Storage

Deploy greater amounts of energy storage to improve system reliability, resiliency and efficiency, and facilitate integration of renewables and electrification to support New York State’s clean energy goals.

Solutions for LMI Customers

Help low-to-moderate income (LMI) New Yorkers manage their energy consumption and gain access to clean energy solutions.

More REV Opportunities

Open RFIs and RFPs for REV Solutions

Learn about opportunities in the REV market outside of REV Connect. Submit responses to these opportunities directly to the offering entity.

Utility Non-Wires Alternative (NWA) Projects

Learn about current and upcoming opportunities for distributed energy resources to meet utility system needs. Submit responses to open procurements directly to the utility.