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Innovative Solutions to Increase Building Envelope Energy Efficiency: Con Edison

Innovative Solutions to Increase Building Envelope Energy Efficiency

Description of the Partnership Opportunity

Con Edison seeks innovative solutions to increase building energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through improvements to the building envelope.

Top Goals and Objectives of This Opportunity

Through this opportunity, Con Edison seeks scalable solutions to improve the efficiency of building envelopes in the Company’s service territory. A tighter building envelope reduces undesired air infiltration as well as losses of conditioned air, reducing the demand on a building’s HVAC system and increasing the efficient performance of the building.

Target Customers and/or Applications

Target customers for this opportunity may include single-family residential, multifamily residential, and commercial customers. Eligible customers must be located within Con Edison’s service territory, which encompasses New York City and Westchester County.

Partnerships being Considered

Con Edison will consider proposals to partner with entities that offer innovative solutions to address the building envelope. Preference will be given to partners that can demonstrate:

  • A proven track record implementing building envelope solutions;
  • A full range of project capabilities or partnerships to create a full suite of capabilities;
  • Inclusion of a model for shared savings;
  • Inclusion of third-party capital; and
  • An established presence in New York.

Con Edison welcomes proposals that include partnerships with additional stakeholders.

Solutions Being Considered

Con Edison will consider a variety of building envelope solutions, including those that are comprehensive as well as those focused on specific technologies. Solutions must address one or more components of the building envelope, which is inclusive of walls, floors, fenestrations, doors, and roofs. The Company is technology-agnostic and will consider any commercially-established solution with proven ability to cost-effectively increase building energy efficiency using an innovative business model or partnership structure.

Potential Replicability and Scalability

The proposed solution shall be both replicable and scalable across the targeted customer segment.  Respondents shall identify the long-term value of the proposed solution to customers, the third-party partner, and Con Edison. The ideal solution should be cost-effective across all customer heating fuel types.

Solutions Not Being Considered

The Company seeks a commercially-viable and scalable solution, and thus will not consider unproven or pre-commercial building envelope technologies.

Primary REV Objective

The primary REV Objectives addressed by this opportunity are the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the statewide growth of energy efficiency.


Con Edison seeks to identify innovative solutions and business models to achieve electric and gas energy savings that contribute to the achievement of the Company’s increasing efficiency goals, and to support New York State’s new energy efficiency target of 185 trillion Btus of site energy savings below the 2025 energy consumption forecast. Increasing the efficiency of the building envelope is key to meeting these goals, as tighter buildings allow for the employment of more efficient building systems.

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