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Introduction to REV Connect

Introduction to REV Connect

Why REV Connect?

Today, the US electric grid system is evolving faster than ever before, as more distributed generation and storage options are becoming cost competitive, and physical infrastructure is increasingly coupled with a digital network of sensors and analytics platforms to meet heightened reliability and resiliency requirements.

Through Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV), New York State is leading the way to ensure that these market trends benefit all New Yorkers.  Since its launch in 2014, REV has been a driving force for New York’s six investor-owned utilities (IOUs) to work with energy innovators to lower costs, test advanced technologies, and design new replicable business models through REV Demonstration Projects.

Even with these efforts, there is no denying that clean energy innovations take time to develop and many stakeholders must work together for scaled deployments.

That is why in August 2017 New York State launched REV Connect, a centrally managed online portal ( combined with a team of experts who oversee its content curation and idea submissions.

The goal of REV Connect is to bring companies and New York’s electric utilities together in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

Take advantage of a new utility outreach channel.

Think of REV Connect as crowdsourcing for the grid, among implementers and experts. The benefits are efficient knowledge sharing between the six New York State IOUs and potential technology partners, both in terms of the innovation opportunities that the IOUs are looking for, and the solutions that market partners have to share.

First, it is a one-stop shop for vital information. Technology companies can read summaries of key REV orders and the types of solutions that REV is looking for, and then research further to see what filings the IOUs have made and what demonstration projects they are currently working on.

Next, REV Connect allows the six New York State IOUs to broadcast their innovation priorities as soon as they arise, so there is minimal delay in soliciting solutions from the marketplace. Interested solution providers can sign up through the portal to receive email updates to ensure that they do not miss out.

Finally, companies can submit innovative REV ideas directly through the platform, for expert feedback, technical support and business model evaluation, as well as potential matchmaking with one or more of the IOUs and other market participants to pursue innovative partnerships.

REV Connect is already proving that it fills an important market gap by providing up-to-date information access and the ability for interested parties to take immediate action online.

REV Connect is designed to help the IOUs accelerate innovation, adopt new business models and technologies, and advance New York State’s REV goals.