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Managed Charging Program: National Grid

Description of Utility Need

National Grid plans to introduce an Electric Vehicle (EV) managed charging program, which allows for off-peak charging of residential customer EVs at their residences for a fixed monthly charge, in Q4 2022. The company is seeking solutions that allow direct management of the timing or power level of charging, which could include vehicle telematics, charger-based approaches or other technologies to actively managed charging. The preferred solution would be implemented for the three-year duration of the proposed program.


Expected Impact

This program will provide benefits to participating customers, non-participating customers, and the distribution system.

  • EV drivers will benefit from a savings opportunity and increased certainty about the cost of charging, reducing barriers to at-home EV charging.
  • All customers will benefit from load shift to off-peak hours that will be encouraged by the program, resulting in a reduced need for future distribution system upgrades, lower overall energy procurement costs, and additional environmental benefits.
  • Enables National Grid to prepare the distribution system now for higher EV penetration rates in the future.


Target Customers and/or Applications

Solutions should target residential charging. In later years the program may expand to include public, workplace, and/or fleet charging.


Types of Partnerships and Solutions Being Considered

National Grid is looking for a vendor(s) with the ability to:

  • Collect, store and report on the following vehicle charging data at a minimum: Participant or device Unique Identifier, Charge Session Unique Identifier, 15-minute Interval Start Date-Time & End Date-Time. Charge Energy (kWh)
  • Actively manage the vehicle’s charging power level and timing and provide the customer with the ability to easily opt-out of the active management
  • Provide a method for customers to access their charging data, see insights from the data and communicate the key insights to the customer at least monthly through email and/or another digital platform
  • Provide National Grid access to and insights on customer charging data
  • Provide customer support, outreach and technical assistance regarding the program
  • Detect away-from-home or at-home charging if applicable

Preferred solutions should include:

  • Charger-based, vehicle telematics-based charging solutions, and/or smart plugs
  • Software and/or hardware
  • Lowest cost solutions to collect charging data and perform active managed charging
  • Capture of largest possible share of EV market (Level 2 and Level 1 chargers, different types of Level 2 chargers, different types of EVs, all residential electric customers in NG service territory)
  • Long-term solution (three or more years)


Funding Pathways

The managed charging program was submitted as part of the July 16, 2020 Order Establishing Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Make-Ready Program and Other Programs in Case 18-E-0138.

Background / Related Information

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