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RFI for Non-Pipeline Alternatives: NYSEG

RFI for Non-Pipeline Alternative

This RFI is anticipated to be issued in May 2019; interested parties should participate through NYSEG’s RFI process.

Description of the Partnership Opportunity

New York State Electric & Gas Corporation (NYSEG), a subsidiary of AVANGRID, plans to issue a Request for Information (RFI) seeking innovative solutions to address natural gas reliability, demand, and/or supply in the Tompkins County region of the NYSEG service area. The company’s existing natural gas distribution system serving the Ithaca and Lansing areas in Tompkins County is capacity constrained.  A portion of the Tompkins County service area has been under a moratorium for new gas customers for several years.

Top Goals and Objectives of This Opportunity

The objectives of this RFI opportunity include:

  1. Address the Companies’ responsibility to provide safe and reliable service at reasonable costs and in an environmentally-sound manner.
  2. Address current demands for additional base and peak day growth and address the probability of future demands.
  3. Reduce existing natural gas usage and/or to introduce additional natural gas equivalent supply (in various forms of energy) into the Lansing area to meet objectives 1 & 2.
Target Customers and/or Applications

Target customers may include customers in the Tompkins County region of the NYSEG service area. Solutions could include incremental demand response programs, incremental energy efficiency programs, fuel substitutions, or any other resource/approach that is able to economically address the need for safe and reliable natural gas service in this region.

Partnerships being Considered

NYSEG looks forward to receiving proposals that could defer or eliminate investments in its natural gas distribution system. In keeping with the objectives of Reforming the Energy Vision (REV), NYSEG encourages innovative solutions which engage the customer, create investment in technology, and animate the market.

Solutions Being Considered

In order to improve system endpoint pressure to improve system reliability and potentially lift the current moratorium in the Lansing area, proposed solutions must add, through addition of supply or reduction in demand, 120 Mcfh in the Lansing moratorium area. Resources must be available for a minimum 24 hour period over three consecutive days approximately 20-30 days per year.

NYSEG will consider solutions either individually or in aggregate.

Any proposed solutions should be targeted to be operational by the winter of 2020/2021.

Potential Replicability and Scalability

The primary goal of the RFI is to address system reliability; however, NYSEG encourages solutions that can be scaled up or down to address changes in demand.

Additional RFI’s for non-pipes alternatives may be conducted to support other areas of NYSEG’s service territory in the future.

Primary REV Objective

Innovative solutions that can address gas demand and reliability will benefit NYSEG’s existing gas infrastructure and help to build a more resilient system.

Solutions Not Being Considered

Resources which are not available for a minimum 24 hour period over three consecutive days approximately 20-30 days per year will not be considered.

NYSEG will only consider complete proposals that are submitted directly through NYSEG’s RFI process.

Background / Related Information

For more information about the RFI for the Lansing Non-Pipes Alternative project or to express interest in this opportunity, please contact NYSEG via the following email address:

Related documents will be posted at the following link:

REV Connected Communities Innovation Sprint

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