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Non-Wires Alternatives

Learn about DER procurements to meet utility system needs
Updated December 2019


Non-Wire Alternatives projects allow utilities to defer or avoid conventional infrastructure investments by procuring distributed energy resources (DER) that lower costs and emissions while maintaining or improving system reliability. We invite you to browse the current and upcoming Non-Wire Alternatives procurements of each utility. Responses to open Non-Wire Alternatives procurements should be made directly to the offering utility. Do not submit RFP/RFI responses to REV Connect.

Central Hudson Opportunities

More information regarding Central Hudson’s suitability criteria, NWA opportunities, and the planning and procurement processes is available through Central Hudson’s Non-Wires Alternative Opportunities webpage.

Con Edison Opportunities

Visit Con Edison’s Non-Wires Alternative webpage to learn more about their current NWA opportunities.

National Grid Opportunities

More information regarding National Grid NWA opportunities and their status can be found on their Non-Wires Alternatives webpage.


Substation MWh violation — Includes one substation with two transformer banks in violation of the MWh violation, as well as 2 feeders approaching thermal limits. The Coffeen Substation currently exceeds the National Grid Distribution Planning Guidelines for Load at Risk. The Proposal Submission Deadline is January 29, 2020, 5pm EST.

NYSEG Opportunities

View descriptions and the status of current and upcoming NWA projects for NYSEG.

Orange and Rockland Opportunities

O&R’s current NWA opportunities can be found on their Identified Non-Wires Alternatives Opportunities webpage. For specific NWA opportunities, an estimated timeframe for opening the first Request for Proposal (RFP) is indicated; more than one RFP could be issued for an NWA opportunity.

Mountain Lodge Park

Non-Wire Alternatives in Mountain Lodge Park seeks to reduce the load in Mountain Lodge Park by approximately 280 kW at peak time in order to defer the installation of a 13.2 kV tie that will provide 100 percent backup in the event of a contingency.  The RFP is open until February 14th, 2020.

RG&E Opportunities

View descriptions and the status of current and upcoming NWA projects for RG&E.