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Explore opportunities for demonstrations and other forms of utility-third party partnerships- with the ultimate goal of accelerating the role of the marketplace in the provision of electric service to customers.

REV Connect’s core mission is to accelerate the marketplace’s role in the provision of electric service to customers. Our objective is to identify the need and open-source the solution. Thus, we are constantly looking for new ideas from a diverse set of players on how the market can achieve the REV objectives and other desired outcomes, and advance utility implementation strategies.


There are several active REV demonstration projects, which are examples of the market partnering with utilities to serve customers in new and innovative ways. We welcome more demonstration opportunities as well as other forms of utility third-party partnership.


As part of our mission statement, we will place particular emphasis on how new ideas and projects can be converted into an enduring business model, making these partnerships a long-term part of the utility’s role as a distributed system platform (DSP). Specifically, our mission seeks to:

  • Innovate and ideate solution-level business models that realize the REV’s vision
  • Challenge all actors to take action and pursue new forms of value creation
  • Facilitate the adoption and propagation of these new concepts and approaches


Therefore, REV Connect, in collaboration with utilities, third-parties, and state agencies, seeks more ideas that will achieve these goals. Examples include ideas or projects that:

  • Test new forms of value creation that result in positive monetary and/or qualitative value for all key stakeholders
  • Result in efficient utility operations by sharing in cost savings with customers and third parties
  • Derive funding from alternative sources, such as financial mechanisms in REV Track 2
  • Expand service offerings or satisfy an unmet need with respect to the REV vision
  • Foster partnerships between third parties and utilities that share both risk and reward
  • Encourage all parties to be both good customers and providers of innovation
  • Change the fundamental approach to problem-solving
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