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Helping facilitate ideas and areas of interest into projects and partnerships between market players and utilities.

Facilitation Process

By the 2nd Quarter of 2017, the REV Connect team will launch our Facilitation Process which will outline how will facilitate turning ideas and areas of interest into projects and partnerships between market players and utilities. At this time, we will also open a submission form on the portal for those looking to engage in REV Connect facilitation.


The Facilitation Process will outline how to engage with REV Connect, designate what information will be required of submitters, and describe the steps we follow to engage with the submitter, the utilities, the DPS and/or other stakeholders on ideas we receive. We will also post certain criteria that we will use to evaluate and prioritize submissions in light of solutions sought and current areas of interest.


In the meantime, you may reach out to the REV Connect team via the Contact Us page for any inquiries you may have with regards to immediate opportunities.  See Opportunities for further detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is REV Connect?

REV Connect is an initiative spearheaded by the State of New York to create an independent entity that assists the market, utilities, and other state entities in the transformation of the state’s electric grid under Governor Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV). Specifically, REV Connect will:

  • Advance New York State’s REV goals
  • Facilitate new business models, technologies, and distributed energy resource (DER) integration
  • Establish a project idea, feedback, and tech guidance hub
  • Match ideas that create value for electricity customers with utilities, state entities, and communities
  • Advance high quality REV demonstrations, non-wire alternatives, and other projects and programs through innovative business models
  • Enhance the culture of business model innovation in New York State
  1. Who is on the REV Connect team?

 The REV Connect team includes a consortium of facilitators:

  • Navigant Consulting, Inc., a global independent consulting firm with over 600 energy professionals committed to sustainable excellence
  • NY-BEST, a not-for-profit corporation developed to position New York as a global leader in energy storage technology for transportation, the electric grid, and other applications
  • Modern Grid Partners, a utility consulting firm focused on increased operational performance and enhanced reliability by embracing smart grid solutions
  • ZPryme, a research, event, and digital branding company focused on three areas: energy, transportation, and mobile
  1. How can REV Connect help me?

 REV Connect can:

  • Introduce you to new opportunities in the REV market
  • Provide resources to help you understand the goals of REV as well as the goals, objectives, and strategic approach of investor-owned utilities
  • Coach you to facilitate specific ideas that are responsive to utility objectives and the goals set under the REV initiative
  1. What is REV Connect’s primary focus?

At the heart of things we are a matchmaker, linking new ideas and technologies to identified needs. In doing so, we seek to enable the application of alternative business models for utilities in partnership with market players.

  1. How long will REV Connect be in operation?

We will continue to operate as long as we are able to achieve the goals set out under the proceeding. Thus far, the team has committed funding from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) through June 2018. If the industry continues to find REV Connect’s role valuable after this date, the team will seek alternative market-based funding to maintain operations.

  1. What is ETS@REV Connect?

The ETS@REV Connect summit brings together utilities, market players, and customers to fuel conversations that lead to partnerships. The summit’s main goal is to drive innovation and a true utility industry transformation through collaboration. More detail on the summit’s purpose and goals, agenda, and attendees will be provided as it becomes available.

  1. I have an idea (product, service, technology) that I believe is valuable, where should I start?

This online portal is built to support market interest in New York and is split into the following sections:

  • Resources: Information specific to REV, including:
    • Overviews focused on goals and incentives
    • Detailed profiles of NY utilities and their approach to REV and areas of interest
    • Case studies and learnings from ongoing demonstration projects
    • Primers that provide insight to what makes an effective partnership, introduction to innovation, and alternative business models
  • Participate: Guidance on how to engage with REV Connect, including process and evaluation criteria
  • Opportunities: Details the projects or areas of interest actively being pursued by the NY utilities, including current requests for information (RFIs) and requests for proposals (RFPs).
  • Submit: Includes a form with instructions on how to submit an idea to REV Connect and advance the conversation.
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