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National Grid Non-Pipes Alternatives Q&A

Does National Grid have a specific goal (therms saved, number of customers impacted, etc.) for their non-pipeline alternative need that should addressed by the submitters?For this mini-sprint, National Grid looking to understand the different technologies that are available and the ability of those technologies to deliver peak day reduction. We have intentionally avoiding setting a minimum value for therm reductions required. To address this needs statement, proposals could apply to one customer that would provide a significant impact, or to many customers that would provide smaller scale impacts. Either approach could be deployed at scale and be valuable for the Company in delivering demand reduction.
Can National Grid identify some of the stakeholders or internal groups that would be involved in reviewing the submissions?The internal working group supporting the REV Connect mini sprint includes members of National Grid’s Future of Heat, Procurement, Gas Asset and Design Engineering, Gas Transformation, and National Grid Partners teams. (The last is National Grid’s corporate venture and innovation arm.)
When does National Grid anticipate releasing an RFP related to their non-pipeline alternatives need?We plan to release our first demand-side NPA RFP in Fall 2021.
What scale project is National Grid looking for? (demo, pilot, full scale, etc.)National Grid’s near-term focus is on full scale solutions, as the outcomes of the mini sprint will be used to inform the approach and focus of the Company’s demand-side NPA RFP planned for Fall 2021. The RFP will consider solutions that offset a capital cost project to secure funding. The Company is looking to pursue cost-effective NPAs that can be identified through market solicitations to offset a capital project.
That said, National Grid strongly encourages those with demonstration or pilot scale projects to submit responses to this mini sprint. As the NPA market continues to grow, we are looking to be more informed about solutions that are in earlier stages of development or full scale/near-term solutions.
Will National Grid identify a specific location, type of building, type of customer, etc. for a potential project, or will the submitter be expected to identify those details?For this needs statement, we chose to present three different scenarios and offer submitters the opportunity to select which one(s) they would like to address. We ask that submitters outline any key assumptions to their proposal. An eventual RFP, when issued, would include a more detailed problem statement that might include detailed info such as location, type of building, etc.
What limitations define use of National Grid’s capital budget and what are the specific metrics that National Grid will use to determine that a particular project qualifies for funding from their capital budget?National Grid plans to apply NPA screening criteria to components of our Gas Planning process to identify a particular project that would qualify for NPA consideration. The planned RFP would outline the details of the particular project to ask the market for proposals that could offset the allocated capital cost. If a project is selected by National Grid as an NPA that satisfies both technical and BCA evaluation, it would be eligible to be funded by National Grid in lieu of the identified capital project.
Will AMI/smart meters be part of the targeted area, and if so, will AMI/smart meter data be available?Currently, the Company has not yet deployed AMI/smart meters in DNY. Responses could include AMI/smart meter-only proposals or proposals that detail how, if paired with AMI/smart meters, additional demand reduction could be achieved. Given that AMI/smart meters have not yet been deployed, the Company cannot anticipate what meter data would be available if deployed in the future.
Are there any existing National Grid pilots (or programs) whose customers/equipment could be leveraged for a new NPA program or pilot?There are no National Grid pilots or programs that we are targeting for a new NPA program or pilot. However, National Grid is exploring the eligibility of participants in utility programs. We are working to find support for NPAs and considering the applicability of those programs.
Does National Grid desire implementation services and if so, should a technology provider plan to partner with an implementer to submit a proposed NPA joint solution?National Grid is seeking implementation services, and requests that respondents explain how they would partner with a technology provider as needed. If such a partnership is critical for a solution to be deployed, submission proposals should consider pathways to implement or partnering with a provider to propose a joint solution. To address this, a component of the solution submitted can include examples of company names or potential subcontractors with whom you might work with to present a more informed package.