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REV Connect Outcomes

Stats and partnerships from REV Connect's activity
Updated November 8, 2018


REV Connect was launched in August 2017. Here is a view of our stats for key activity metrics through August 2018:



We’ll keep you updated as partnership outcomes are made public:

Idea Partnership Value
Electric Vehicle marketplace platform National Grid announced a partnership with Enervee on June 20, 2018 for a vehicle marketplace, with performance-based payments for the platform. Link The platform helps customers understand the benefits of electric vehicles, allowing them to compare total cost of ownership across vehicle types, accounting for rebates, tax incentives, and fuel. The maturation of the EV market will help drive down the cost of EV products and services and reduce carbon emissions.
Increase electric vehicle adoption through new business models for DC fast charging infrastructure NYSEG and RG&E used REV Connect to select a company for their DC fast charging pilot project. The partnership will leverage contributions from NYSEG and RG&E, Greenlots, and the site owner to support a scalable model for deployment of fast charging infrastructure. Customers will have expanded access to charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. All customers will benefit from reduced carbon emissions and improved utilization of grid infrastructure with the increase of EV use.
Electric vehicle charging-as-a-service to residential customers Central Hudson has added eMotorWerks chargers to their CenHub store and is exploring the JuiceNet "charging-as-a-service" model. Central Hudson will learn about charging behavior to inform future programs. Customers can access EV chargers easily through the central CenHub store. If launched, the charging-as-a-service model would offer customers affordable EV chargers for their homes, no-commitment monthly lease payments, no upfront cost, and, for all customers, help reduce carbon emissions.
New business models that bring clean thermal solutions to customers, reduce peak demand for natural gas, and scale without impacting the local environment adversely (for Con Edison’s 2018 RFI) Seven companies that participated in the REV Connect Clean Heating and Cooling Sprint ended up responding to Con Edison's RFI, with five of them being shortlisted for the long-form evaluation. Submitters who participated in the Sprint benefitted from targeted feedback from REV Connect, as well as Con Edison directly, to help them hone their RFI responses. The REV Connect Clean Heating and Cooling Sprint gave companies an opportunity to "test" and hone their ideas prior to submission to Con Edison's RFI, thus increasing their chances for success and for the potential uptake of renewable thermal solutions in NYS.
Community Distributed Generation (DG) marketplace portal Central Hudson launched an RFP for their Community Distributed Generation platform and broadcast it through REV Connect. Central Hudson received several proposals, including from previous submitters to REV Connect who were able to improve their submissions for this opportunity. Customers will have improved access to Community DG opportunities, transact live with developers through the online platform, and enhance customer knowledge of DER. The resultant increase of community DG adoption will also help reduce carbon emissions.
Small business EE-as-a-service financing Central Hudson is exploring a partnership with an EE provider that offers an "as-a-service" model to finance EE measures for small businesses. Small business customers will receive EE upgrades at no up-front or ongoing cost and receive a share of the savings these measures generate. All customers will benefit from increased energy efficiency and resultant carbon reductions.
Hydrogen powered Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure National Grid is exploring an economic development project and is working with a potential partner to develop a business case that will inform the proposed project design. The project will leverage hydrogen's flexibility to provide services for the electric grid, natural gas system, and transportation sector. The project could provide electricity services to host customers as well as benefits for all customers, including expanded access to clean transportation fueling/charging infrastructure, reducing costs to operate the grid, reducing carbon emissions, and growth in clean energy jobs.
Controllable water heaters to provide grid services National Grid is exploring a project that will utilize controllable water heaters to provide electric and gas system services and is working with potential partners to develop a business case that will inform the proposed project design. The project could reduce bills for participating customers as well as provide grid services that can reduce costs for all National Grid customers.