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Smart Cities Partnership Pilot: AVANGRID

Smart Cities Partnership Pilot

Description of the Partnership Opportunity

AVANGRID is seeking to collaboratively design and implement a smart cities initiative within its NYSEG or RG&E service areas. Through the Energy Smart Community (ESC) initiative in the City of Ithaca and Tompkins County many technology investments, data acquisition, and customer and market enablement that achieve key REV outcomes are being tested. These foundational investments make the ESC a good geographic area to deploy additional smart cities initiatives, but, it is not required that a smart cities initiative be tested in this community.

A smart cities partnership roadmap should be complete by 12/31/19.

Top Goals and Objectives of This Opportunity

The objectives of this opportunity include:

  1. Identify a community willing to join with AVANGRID to develop a joint smart cities partnership
  2. Facilitate building a mutually beneficial partnership between the Utility, the community and a major research university to advance smart cities initiatives
  3. Develop and complete a smart cities roadmap that includes agreements between the major parties. The roadmap development will be facilitated by a third party that has experience in smart cities planning, building collaboration between diverse stakeholder groups, leveraging utility distribution automation and data, deep knowledge of the EEI Smart Community focus areas and the ability to build understanding and enthusiasm. The roadmap shall include but is not limited to:
    • Public forums and activities to establish the diverse stakeholders interest and passion related to smart cities
    • Third party guided facilitation between the major stakeholders to facilitate understanding of individual needs, wants, and practical considerations
    • Clear definition of the smart cities commitments for all parties
    • A commitment document between the major parties that defines the scope and responsibilities of participants in the defined smart city commitments
    • Identification of smart cities “quick wins”
    • A longer term roadmap defining the long term goals and investments required by each major party
Target Customers and/or Applications

This project will seek to identify how smart cities can be developed and planned within the targeted community.

Partnerships being Considered

This pilot project is seeking to identify a market partnership to plan and design smart cities initiatives.  Potential partners should propose a partnership structure that is attractive for a pilot project with consideration for how the pilot will also serve as an example of a scalable model for broader execution of smart cities. Partnerships should include external funding opportunities related to advancing smart city initiatives.

Solutions Being Considered

Services that meet the objectives defined above.

Potential Replicability and Scalability

This pilot project will inform a replicable market partnership design for deployment of smart cities.

Primary REV Objective
  1. Support Cleaner Transportation
  2. Protect New York’s Natural Resources
  3. Empower New Yorkers to make more informed energy choices
  4. Make Energy More Affordable
  5. Support the growth of clean energy innovation
  6. Cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050
  7. Improve New York’s existing energy infrastructure
  8. Create New Jobs and business opportunities
  9. Grown New York’s energy efficiency
Solutions Not Being Considered

Specific products meant as a single solution.

Background / Related Information

REV provides a comprehensive energy strategy for New York. REV helps consumers make more informed energy choices, develop new energy products and services and protect the environment while creating new jobs and economic opportunities throughout the State. New York’s Clean Energy Standard (CES) ensures that 70% of New York’s electricity will come from renewable resources by 2030.

Smart cities have fueled by the race for a connected lifestyle, better government, and to help the disadvantaged. Ground breaking smart cities initiatives have begun to emerge in the US, the primary success factors include:

  • An energized local government with an assertive champion, and determination to meet climate and smart city goals
  • Strong public and private partnerships to align the complexities of smart cities plans with the diverse needs and priorities of stakeholder groups
  • A local Utility committed to enablement of DERs, clean energy and grid modernization projects that deploy smart grid initiatives such as smart metering, substation and line automation, ubiquitous communications networks
  • A major research University with the desire and ability to provide an enabling platform for interdisciplinary collaboration to help all parties better understand and transform the impacts of urbanization at scientific, human behavioral and economic levels.

AVANGRID Networks and their New York Companies, New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG) and Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E) have a single straightforward commitment to build and operate responsible energy infrastructure that benefits communities, improves economic development, and delivers environmental sustainability for future generations. This commitment is firmly aligned with smart cities initiatives.

AVANGRID, along with many other U.S. utilities has joined the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Smart Communities commitment to work with communities within our networks service territories to advance smart cities and climate goals. The EEI Smart Communities commitment is focused in 5 primary areas:

  • Smart Street Lighting – saves energy, improves safety and reduces traffic congestion
  • Smart Transportation – Improves safety and mobility, reduces carbon footprint, and provides greater access to services
  • Smart Buildings – Save energy and improve sustainability
  • Distributed Energy Resources (DER) – Improve sustainability, efficiency and reliability
  • Data Analytics and Intelligent Services – Increase efficiency, improve city services, and enhance quality-of-life.

Although AVANGRID has received inquiries related to certain specific individual aspects of smart cities initiatives, a comprehensive smart cities partnership has not been established. The missing elements center upon:

  • Defining the Utility and community partnership
  • Understanding and building momentum to work to engage diverse stakeholders and the public
  • Establishing, planning and executing on a joint vision
  • Fostering the collaboration and planning required to effectively enabling smart cities to ensure a sustainable and resilient future for all parties

REV Connected Communities Innovation Sprint

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