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Smart Hybrid Heating and Cooling: National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation

Short Description of the Need

National Fuel is seeking a smarter, customer-friendly residential hybrid heating and cooling system, with the ability to switch between gas and electric, as an element of its pathway to a low-carbon future by optimizing electric and natural gas loads and reducing residential natural gas consumption. The hybrid system should switch between fuel sources based on control signals ranging from, for example, ambient outdoor temperature, electric or gas system congestion, power interruption, gas interruption, and available incorporated alternative power sources.

Expected Impact

The desired solution will result in:

  • Decreased emissions
  • Improved customer experience and convenience
  • Resiliency for residential customers
  • Improved ability for electric and gas utilities to coordinate with hybrid system customers for system needs and potentially as a non-pipes or non-wires alternative

Target Customers and/or Applications

The solution should be applicable to residential customers.

Types of Partnerships and Solutions Being Considered

National Fuel is interested in partnerships including identifying compatible equipment with appropriate control systems and qualified HVAC service providers combined with installation and equipment rebates.

The desired solution is a turnkey solution that is simple and seamless to operate and incorporates the option to couple the hybrid system with a natural gas fuel cell, battery backup, or whole-house natural gas generator to afford supplemental electric power during power outages as an element of its pathway to a low-carbon future and system.

Funding Pathways

Compelling solutions may be funded via National Fuel’s RD&D budget.