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Utility Innovation Opportunities (old)

New York is looking for innovative solutions and partnerships to modernize its energy system

New York’s investor-owned utilities are actively seeking innovative solutions in the Opportunities by Topic areas. Individual utilities will periodically develop the Opportunities by Utility statements posted here to further describe certain priority business needs. REV Connect also invites related solutions that will help advance REV Goals in partnership with a utility.

Submit your idea to REV Connect if your innovative business model or solution matches the opportunities here – or if you have a breakthrough solution that we didn’t know New York needed.  Submissions will be evaluated for a potential partnership with the State’s utilities. Curious about how to proceed? Learn more about our process and criteria.

REV Connect is hosting its first Innovation Sprint of 2019 focused on Connected Communities.

Opportunities by Utility

Updated February 12, 2019

Gas Demand Response

National Grid is seeking to develop solutions that will expand adoption of gas demand response (DR) across a variety of customer segments. The selection and scope of solutions will be determined based upon the technology, business model, and benefit-cost analysis. National Grid encourages market partners to propose innovative solutions for partnerships on gas DR.

Expanding EE and DSM for LMI Customers and Leveraging Third-Party Financing

Con Edison is looking for scalable methods to reach low-to-moderate income (LMI) customer segments with energy efficiency (EE) and demand side management (DSM) programs for both electric and gas.

Clean Communities

Central Hudson is seeking to collaboratively design and implement Smart Community REV demonstration projects that center on the concepts of clean transportation, green building, carbon reduction and the proliferation of building automation, heat pump and or natural gas technologies.

EV Education and Outreach

Orange & Rockland seeks partners to support its electric vehicle (EV) education and outreach program, which targets an increase in awareness and adoption of EVs in the Company’s service territory.

Smart Cities Partnership Pilot

AVANGRID is seeking to collaboratively design and implement a smart cities initiative within its NYSEG or RG&E service areas. Through the Energy Smart Community (ESC) initiative in the City of Ithaca and Tompkins County many technology investments, data acquisition, and customer and market enablement that achieve key REV outcomes are being tested.

RFI for Non-Pipeline Alternatives

NYSEG plans to issue a RFI seeking innovative solutions to address natural gas reliability, demand, and/or supply in the Tompkins County region of the NYSEG service area.

Community Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Program

AVANGRID is interested in developing and deploying a holistic Community Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Program. This program may leverage NYSEG’s foundational Ithaca and Tompkins County Energy Smart Community investments, community engagement, and programs. Other communities will also be considered.

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