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Utility Innovation Opportunities

New York is looking for innovative solutions and partnerships to modernize its energy system

New York’s investor-owned utilities are actively seeking innovative solutions in the Opportunities by Topic areas. Individual utilities will periodically develop the Opportunities by Utility statements posted here to further describe certain priority business needs. REV Connect also invites related solutions that will help advance REV Goals in partnership with a utility.

Submit your idea to REV Connect if your innovative business model or solution matches the opportunities here – or if you have a breakthrough solution that we didn’t know New York needed.  Submissions will be evaluated for a potential partnership with the State’s utilities. Curious about how to proceed? Learn more about our process and criteria.

REV Connect is hosting its second Innovation Sprint of 2019 focused on Energy Storage.

Opportunities by Utility

Updated August 12, 2019

AI-Based Controller for Storage Optimization

AVANGRID is seeking to collaboratively design, deploy, and test an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based controller to optimize the use of storage and the performance of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. The controller will be used as an enhancement to the solution used in AVANGRID’s ongoing Integrated EV and Battery Storage REV Demonstration project.

Market-Based Solution to BTM Storage Operation

AVANGRID is seeking to collaboratively define and implement an innovative energy storage market solution to enhance one of AVANGRID’s ongoing REV Demonstration storage projects: Aggregated Behind-the-Meter (BTM) Battery Storage.

Demand Response with Storage Support

Central Hudson is seeking to collaboratively design and implement projects utilizing energy storage solutions to manage Demand Response (DR) program participant turnover within existing Non-Wires Alternative (NWA) projects. Projects would be located in the areas known as Central Hudson’s Targeted Demand Management areas.

Energy Storage to Manage Incremental Electric Demand Associated with Increasing Heat Pump Adoption

Central Hudson is seeking to collaboratively design and implement projects to use energy storage to manage incremental electric demand increases associated with heat pump adoption. As the technology utilization is expected to increase, there may be new opportunities to manage localized peak demands on the coldest days and energy storage is considered one of the technologies that may assist in that load management.

Energy Storage Education and Outreach

Orange & Rockland is seeking partners to support energy storage outreach and education, which targets an increase in awareness and adoption of energy storage in the Company’s service territory. The education and outreach program will expand ORU’s current offerings and seeks to inform consumers about key energy storage topics, including: the basic value proposition to each customer segment, ownership costs, environmental benefits, charging and discharging strategies, and available incentives.

Energy Storage Paired with DCFC Infrastructure

Orange & Rockland is seeking partners to collaboratively design and implement a demonstration project that will involve the deployment of energy storage with DC fast charging (DCFC) infrastructure with the goal to decrease operational costs, site charging infrastructure in areas where the impacts to the grid are the lowest and provide an opportunity to test vehicle-to-grid (V2G) applications.

Increase Participation in Storage Offering of Dynamic Load Management Tariff

PSEG Long Island is looking for unique business models or approaches to increase adoption of their Dynamic Load Management (DLM) tariff for behind-the-meter energy storage projects.

New Approaches for Storage as Viable Cost-Effective Measure for Customer-Sited NWA Solutions

PSEG Long Island is looking for market-based, cost-beneficial approaches for customer-sited energy storage projects for NWA applications.

New Approaches for Storage as Viable Cost-Effective Measure for Utility-Side Solutions

PSEG Long Island is looking for market-based, cost-beneficial approaches for utility side energy storage projects for an alternative approach to traditional utility solutions.

Easing Interconnection for Storage and Storage+DG

National Grid is seeking solutions that increase utility hosting capacity and/or reduce the time and cost required to interconnect Distributed Energy Resource (DER) systems, including storage-only and storage paired with distributed generation (DG), on the distribution network or located at a customer’s premises.

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