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Orange & Rockland

Let’s take a closer look at this utility


Orange and Rockland (O&R) is a subsidiary of Con Edison that serves customers northwest of New York City

Focused on advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) rollout and improved visibility at the distribution level

Utility of the Future (UotF) organization oversees internal REV initiatives and coordination with the Joint Utilities and Con Edison

Continued efforts to modernize and strengthen its grid, starting with the introduction of AMI system-wide

Manage increased DER penetration using AMI data


O&R is partnering with Simple Energy to offer an online engagement platform that leverages customer data and analytics to help customers find energy products and services that meet their needs.

REV objectives addressed include: Enhanced Customer Knowledge and Tools for Effective Total Energy Bill Management, Market Animation, Revenue Generation, Increased Adoption of Energy Efficient Measures

Current Status

Since the launch of the marketplace (My ORU Store) in early 2016, O&R has regularly added new efficiency product lines, which now span across connected home and water saving products, Wi-Fi thermostats, advanced power strips, LED lighting, large appliances, EV chargers, in-home energy assessments, and fixed-priced services provided by local contractors. The company continues to advance customer energy education through My ORU Store, promotional campaigns, and home energy reports.


O&R is utilizing partner Smarter Grid Solutions’ technology platform to increase hosting capacity through the use of new technology, reduce interconnection costs and create new revenue streams for the utility. This demonstration project tests whether a new protection methodology with corresponding monitoring and control technology, as well as a variety of interconnection options to developers, will increase hosting capacity on a circuit.

REV objectives addressed include: Leveraging Customer Contributions, System-Wide Efficiency, System Reliability and Resiliency, Market Rules and Standards

Current Status

The project Implementation Plan was filed in August 2018, and project activities are underway.


O&R uses partner Tesla’s battery and optimization technology to demonstrate an innovative storage business model, which the partners believe has the potential to realize the unique attributes of energy storage and enable wide-scale deployment. The batteries in this demonstration will be used to reduce the host customers’ demand charges, while also being dispatched for the benefit of the overall grid.

REV objectives addressed include: System-Wide Efficiency, System Reliability and Resiliency, Transactive Grid

Current Status

The project Implementation Plan was filed in July 2018, and project activities are underway.


Con Edison and O&R will test two rate designs side-by-side. Both will be enabled by price-responsive home energy management technology platforms that will be developed by Tendril and Sunverge. The demonstration project will assess battery storage as an enabling technology, particularly for customers with existing solar PV systems. Participating customers will be provided with the enabling technology at no cost. ICF provides implementation and customer support in the project.

REV objectives addressed include: Market Animation, System-Wide Efficiency, Pricing and Rate Design, Increased Customer Knowledge

Current Status

Following project development activities, customer recruitment is to launch in Q4 2018.

Non-Wires Alternative (NWA) Projects

Non-wires alternatives have the potential to reduce customers’ electric bills, improve reliability, and defer capital infrastructure. O&R has identified several opportunities to create such change. O&R’s current NWA opportunities can be found on their Identified Non-Wires Alternatives Opportunities web page or the REV Connect Non-Wires Alternatives web page.

Available System Data

For currently accessible system data, see the Joint Utilities of NY Utility-Specific System Data web page and O&R’s Hosting Capacity and System Data web portal.

Relevant Filings

To access each filing, visit the NYS Department of Public Service web page ( and view filed documents in the Case Number provided.


Document Name Date of Filing Availability
2018 DSIP 07/31/2018 O&R 2018 DSIP Update [PDF] in Case # 16-M-0411
Supplemental DSIP 11/01/2016 Joint Utilities Supplemental DSIP [PDF] in Case # 16-M-0411
Efficiency Transition Implementation Plan (ETIP) 2017-2020 12/22/2017 ETIP [PDF] in Case # 15-M-0252
Residential Customer Marketplace Demo 11/20/2015 Implementation Plan [PDF] and Quarterly Reports in Case # 14-M-0101
Optimal Export Demo 08/24/2018 Implementation Plan [PDF] and Quarterly Reports in
Case # 14-M-0101
Innovative Storage Business Model 06/29/2018 Implementation Plan and Quarterly Reports in Case # 14-M-0101
Smart Home Rate Demo Project Concept 08/24/2018 Implementation Plan [PDF] and Quarterly Reports in Case # 14-M-0101
Pomona Distributed Energy Resources Program 12/15/2015 Implementation Plan [PDF] and Quarterly Reports in Case # 14-E-0493
Electric Rate Order
(Rate Case in Progress)
10/16/2015 Case # 14-E-0493
Case # 18-E-0067

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