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Central Hudson

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Central Hudson serves a primarily residential and commercial customer base located just north of New York City.  As part of REV, it is increasing its system-level intelligence to help forecast and accommodate distributed energy resources (DER). Central Hudson does not have plans to implement advanced metering (AMI) across its footprint due to cost-effectiveness concerns, and Central Hudson also does not have a system peak issue.

Increased system intelligence through distribution automation bringing added system functionality for DER integration

Created the Energy Transformation & Solutions Division to handle new and innovative programs

Improve its system-level intelligence, improve the customer experience and increase program adoption rates without significantly impacting customer bills

Creative methods to meet REV objectives while delivering efficiency and customer usage solutions that help reduce customer bills, particularly solutions that can integrate into the CenHub platform and deliver savings

REV Demonstration Projects

Demonstration Project Summary Current Status
CenHub Central Hudson is partnering with Simple Energy to offer an online engagement platform featuring personalized energy usage information and the sale of energy products and services. This platform provides customers with personalized recommendations and offers an enhanced data analytics package for customers who want greater insight into their energy use.
REV objectives addressed include: Enhanced Customer Knowledge and Tools for Effective Total Energy Bill Management, Market Animation
Central Hudson launched the CenHub platform in 2016 and has continued heavy marketing and adding new energy products and services. In parallel, Central Hudson developed and migrated their website to a new design with mobile capabilities. The portal also now supports demand response program participation and an advanced data analytics service for residential customers. In addition to Simple Energy, companies engaged include Atlantic Partners, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Itron, OpenText, Sealed, and EMotorWerks.

Non-Wires Alternative (NWA) Projects

Central Hudson is actively pursuing DER alternatives to traditional utility projects, known as “Non-Wires Alternatives.” Through Non-Wires Alternatives, Central Hudson can defer or eliminate the need for transmission & distribution infrastructure upgrades, meeting the dynamic needs of the electric system while reducing future rate pressure.

More information regarding Central Hudson’s suitability criteria, NWA opportunities, and the planning and procurement processes is available through Central Hudson’s Non-Wires Alternative Opportunities web page or the REV Connect Non-Wires Alternatives web page.

Available System Data

For currently accessible system data, see the Joint Utilities of NY Utility-Specific System Data web page and the Central Hudson Distributed Generation web page.

Relevant Filings

To access each filing, visit the NYS Department of Public Service web page ( and view filed documents in the Case Number provided.

Document Name Date of Filing Link
2018 Distribution System Implementation Plan (DSIP) 07/31/2018 2018 DSIP Master Report [PDF] and DSIP Appendices [PDF] in Case # 16-M-0411
Supplemental DSIP 11/01/2016 Joint Utilities Supplemental DSIP [PDF] in Case # 16-M-0411
2017-2020 Energy Efficiency Transition Implementation Plan (ETIP) 12/21/2017 2017-2020 ETIP and Budget and Metric Plan [PDF] in Case # 15-M-0252
CenHub Demo Implementation Plan 12/10/2015 Implementation Plan [PDF] and Quarterly Reports in Case # 14-M-0101
Smart Home Rate Demo Project Proposal 02/01/2017 Implementation Plan [PDF] in Case # 14-M-0101
Rate Case 06/14/2018 Order Establishing Electric and Gas Rate Plan [PDF] in Case # 17-E-0459
Earnings Adjustment Mechanisms (EAMs) set forth in Section XXI of the Joint Proposal 04/18/2018 Joint Proposal, Section XXI [PDF] in Case # 17-E-0459

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