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Central Hudson

Let’s take a closer look at this utility

Introduction to Central Hudson

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation (Central Hudson) is a regulated transmission and distribution (T&D) utility serving electric and natural gas customers in New York State’s Mid-Hudson River Valley. In 2000, CH Energy Group, Inc. was formed as a holding company/parent organization of Central Hudson and a family of subsidiaries known as Central Hudson Enterprises Corporation. In 2013, CH Energy Group and Central Hudson joined Fortis Inc.’s federation of utility companies.

Central Hudson serves approximately 309,000 electric customers and 84,000 natural gas customers.

System Overview

Central Hudson’s service territory extends from the suburbs of metropolitan New York City north to the Capital District at Albany, covering more than 2,600 square miles. Central Hudson’s customer base is mostly residential.



Customer Type Customers Load (MWh / DTh)
Residential 261,096 2,058,378
Commercial 47,126 1,953,003
Industrial 1,041 897,176
Total 309,263 4,908,557


Central Hudson is experiencing persistent declines in system-wide energy use, with relatively few areas of the system experiencing growth. While peak demand excluding DER is expected to stay constant, peak demand including DER will continue to decrease. Central Hudson is able to address system-wide peak with existing programs and pocketed NWA opportunities.

Central Hudson performed in 2016 an analysis of the benefits and costs of implementing AMI and determined that the costs significantly outweighed the benefits. Central Hudson is therefore not pursuing territory-wide AMI deployment but is instead pursuing an AMI Pilot to target specific circuits. Central Hudson plans to deploy smart meters to 4,766 electric, 1,644 gas, and 936 Life Support Equipment customers.

[1] EIA. Annual Electric Power Industry Report, Form EIA-861. 2019.


Approach to the Climate Act

Central Hudson’s vision is aligned with Climate Act targets and will put significant effort into progressing the DSP. Central Hudson is continuing its efforts towards implementing large-scale transformational projects, such as distribution management systems and customer information systems.

Notable initiatives include:


Boxes depicted Central Hudson Achievements through 2020.

Non-Wires Alternative Projects

Central Hudson has made significant progress in increasing NWA opportunities and is continuing to integrate DER into the planning process.

For descriptions and the status of current and upcoming NWA projects, visit the REV Connect Non-Wires Alternatives web page or Central Hudson Non-Wires Solutions web page.


Available System Data and Planning

For currently accessible system data, see Joint Utilities of NY Utility-Specific System Data web page. For system planning, see Joint Utilities of NY Utility-Specific Hosting Capacity web page and Central Hudson Solar Energy & Distributed Generation web page.


REV Demos

For descriptions and progress of current and past REV Demos, visit the NY DPS REV Demonstration Projects web page.

Relevant Filings

To access each filing, visit the NYS Department of Public Service web page and view filed documents in the Case Number provided.


Document Name Date of Filing Cadence Link
NYS Electric Vehicle Make-Ready Program Filings 09/14/2020


Central Hudson EV Make-Ready Implementation Plan

Central Hudson Managed Charging Proposal in

Case # 18-E-0138

2019-2025 System Energy Efficiency Plan (SEEP) 09/15/2020 1 year Central Hudson SEEP in

Case # 18-M-0084

Statewide 2020-2025 LMI Implementation Portfolio Implementation Plan 07/24/2020 Statewide LMI Implementation Plan in

Case # 18-M-0084

2020 Distributed System Implementation Plan (DSIP) 06/30/2020 2 years Central Hudson 2020 DSIP in

Case # 16-M-0411

NYS Clean Heat Statewide Heat Pump Program Implementation Plan 06/01/2020 NYS Clean Heat Implementation Plan in

Case # 18-M-0084

2020-2023 Electric and Gas Rate Case Filing 06/14/2018 3 years Order Adopting Terms of Rate Plan in

Case # 17-E-0459

Case # 17-G-0460

Relevant filings in Gas Planning Procedures 2020 NY JU Modernized Gas Planning Process (07/17/2020)

Central Hudson Supply and Demand Analysis (07/31/2020)

Central Hudson 150-day Filing (08/17/2020)

in Case # 20-G-0131

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