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Con Edison

Let’s take a closer look at this utility

Introduction to Consolidated Edison

Consolidated Edison (Con Edison) is an investor-owned energy company that provides electric and gas service to the residents and businesses of New York City and Westchester County, and steam service to businesses in Manhattan. Con Edison connects more than 4.5 million customers to energy sources and serves almost 40% of New York State’s electric demand while only covering about 1% of the state’s geographic footprint. 

Con Edison serves approximately 3.4 million electricity customers and approximately 1.1 million natural gas customers in its service territory. 


System Overview

Con Edison’s system serves customers in five boroughs of New York City and Westchester County located directly north of New York City. Con Edison’s system is different than other utilities in New York State because it has an extensive underground, networked distribution system. This system poses unique challenges to DER implementation, as listed below: 

  • The network system requires special consideration when integrating DER to provide load relief at the distribution level as compared to non-network systems. 
  • High load density and network design can absorb DG interconnection more readily than non-network systems by spreading the power in multiple directions, but the efficacy of the relief provided by such DER is lessened for these same reasons. 
  • The cost of the portfolio of DER solutions for networked systems ihigher to meet load relief needs. 

In New York City, Con Edison covers more than 750,000 buildings and 3 million housing units that encompass approximately 5 billion square feet of floor space. In Westchester, Con Edison’s coverage includes approximately 30,000 businesses and organizations and 350,000 housing units within 450 square miles. 


Customer Type  Customers   Load (MWh) 
Residential   2,959,949  13,770,622 
Commercial  558,227  38,418,413 
Industrial   743  509,021 
Total   3,518,921  52,698,056 
Total Residential & Commercial  1,100,000   


Energy use is forecasted to stay constant in Con Edison’s service territory, while peak demand is expected to continue increasing. Peak demand inclusive of DER is expected to remain flat with only minor increases. 

 As of November 2020Con Edison has installed 2,664,989 electric AMI meters and 597,621 gas communication modules. AMI deployment is completed in Staten Island and Westchester County, with deployment in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens underway. A total of 4.7 million smart meters will be deployed by 2022. 


Approach to the Climate Act

Con Edison’s vision is aligned with Climate Act targets and expects that supporting investments to achieve them will continue by leveraging the DSP capabilities that have been implemented or are in progress. 

  • Con Edison will continue to further enable the secure, safe, and rapid integration of DER, and to enable dynamic network management and interface with DER. 
  • Con Edison strives to expand information services with the guiding principles of enhancing customer value and attaining the Climate Act’s emission goals. 
  • Con Edison supports a more competitive, transparent marketplace for distribution-level electric services that delivers efficient outcomes for investment and operation at the lowest cost to customers. 


Notable initiatives include: 


Non-Wires Alternative Projects 

Con Edison currently has active NWS projects in BQDM, Water/Plymouth Street, Williamsburg, and Newtown, and continues to assess the potential for NWS in other areas within its service territory. 

For descriptions and the status of current and upcoming NWA projects, visit the REV Connect Non-Wires Alternatives web page or Con Edison Non-Wires Solutions web page. 


Available System Data and Planning 

For currently accessible system data, see Joint Utilities of NY Utility-Specific System Data web page. For system planning, see Joint Utilities of NY Utility-Specific Hosting Capacity web page and Con Edison Applying for Private Generation Interconnection web page. 


 REV Demos 

For descriptions and progress of current and past REV Demos, visit the NY DPS REV Demonstration Projects web page. 


Relevant Filings

To access each filing, visit the NYS Department of Public Service web page and view filed documents in the Case Number provided. 



Document Name  Date of Filing  Cadence  Link 
NYS Electric Vehicle Make-Ready Program Filings  09/15/2020 


  Con Edison EV Make-Ready Implementation Plan 

Con Edison Managed Charging Proposal in  

Case # 18-E-0138 

2019-2025 System Energy Efficiency Plan (SEEP)  09/15/2020  1 year  Con Edison SEEP in  

Case # 18-M-0084 

Statewide 2020-2025 LMI Implementation Portfolio Implementation Plan  07/24/2020    Statewide LMI Implementation Plan in  

Case # 18-M-0084 

2020 Distributed System Implementation Plan (DSIP)  06/30/2020  2 years  Con Edison 2020 DSIP in  

Case # 16-M-0411  

NYS Clean Heat Statewide Heat Pump Program Implementation Plan  06/01/2020    NYS Clean Heat Implementation Plan in  

Case # 18-M-0084 

2020-2023 Electric and Gas Rate Case Filing  01/16/2020  3 years  Order Adopting Terms of Joint Proposal i
Case # 19-E-0065 Case # 19G-0066 
Relevant filings in Gas Planning Procedures  2020    NY JU Modernized Gas Planning Process (07/17/2020)  

Con Edison Supply and Demand Analysis (07/31/2020)  

Con Edison 150-day Filing (08/17/2020)  

in Case # 20-G-0131 

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