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National Fuel

Let’s take a closer look at this utility

Introduction to National Fuels

National Fuel Gas Company is a diversified energy organization headquartered in Williamsville, New York that operates natural gas and oil assets across four business segments: exploration and production, pipeline and storage, gathering, and utility. National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation (“National Fuel”) is the utility subsidiary of National Fuel Gas Company. National Fuel provides natural gas distribution services to customers within Western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania, serving approximately 534,000 customers in New York and 213,000 customers in Pennsylvania.

System Overview

National Fuel’s service territory extends across Western New York, covering more than 2,600 square miles. National Fuel’s customer base in New York is a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial.

Customer Type  Customers   Load (Bcf) 
Residential   498,700  54.7 
Commercial  35,000  26.5 
Industrial  400  17.6 
Total   534,100  98.8 


Building Stock (# of customers)  Electric  Gas 
Single-Family  n/a  404,000 
Multifamily  n/a  94,700 
Retail  n/a  20,200 
Other  n/a  15,200 
Total   n/a  534,100 

Approach to the Climate Act

National Fuel is committed to achieving Climate Act targets and is continuing its efforts towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Notable initiatives include:

  • Conservation Incentive Plan, the first of its kind in New York State, supports EE programs designed to incentivize residential and commercial customers to replace aging equipment with high-efficiency appliances, as well as weatherization measures for low-income customers. The Company’s CIP has resulted in a cumulative total reduction of more than 1.3 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions through September 30, 2020.
  • Exploration of various supply-side initiatives to lower GHG emissions, such as Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and hydrogen/power-to-gas.
  • EE and demand reduction opportunities, including a partnership with MyHeat and a hybrid heating system demonstration project utilizing electric air source heat pumps in combination with high-efficiency gas furnaces.
  • Innovative EE projects, including Zero Net Energy Demo Project designed to show the cost-effectiveness and benefits of using high-efficiency natural gas appliances in conjunction with a solar PV panel to achieve a zero net energy rating.

Non-Pipes Alternative Projects

National Fuel is not likely to experience supply constraints and therefore is not currently considering demand response and/or non-pipe alternatives.

Available System Data

For system maps, see National Fuel’s Maps and Tables webpage.

Relevant Filings

To access each filing, visit the NYS Department of Public Service web page ( and view filed documents in the Case Number provided.


Document Name Date of Filing Cadence Link
2019-2025 System Energy Efficiency Plan (SEEP) 09/15/2020 1 year National Fuel SEEP in

Case # 18-M-0084

Statewide 2020-2025 LMI Implementation Portfolio Implementation Plan 07/24/2020 Statewide LMI Implementation Plan in

Case # 18-M-0084

Last Rate Case Filing 04/20/2017 Order Establishing Rates for Gas Service in

Case # 16-G-0257

Relevant filings in Gas Planning Procedures 2020 NY JU Modernized Gas Planning Process (07/17/2020)

National Fuel Supply and Demand Analysis (07/31/2020)

National Fuel 150-day Filing (08/17/2020)

in Case # 20-G-0131

Some files may require a free “helper” application to view:

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