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National Grid

Let’s take a closer look at this utility


“Listen, Test and Learn” stakeholder engagement; align REV with corporate Connect21 goals

National Grid, also known as Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, serves densely populated urban areas in Buffalo, Syracuse, and Albany and remote and sparsely populated rural areas throughout upstate New York. The company has proposed to implement advanced metering functionality to automate meter reading and enhance grid and customer-level information exchange. It is conducting demonstration projects on resiliency, interconnection of distributed energy resources, and customer engagement.

Develop customer portals and increase system monitoring

Created the New Energy Solutions team to manage REV activities

Business model innovation using REV Track 2 mechanisms

REV Demonstration Projects

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National Grid partnered with OBG and GE consulting to fund a microgrid engineering design and a new tariff design, and evaluate willingness to pay for a resiliency service.  This project also included evaluating C & I customer receptiveness for utilities providing new  microgrid services.

REV objectives addressed include: System Reliability and Resiliency

Current Status

The project team has further refined the Distribution Energy Resources Adoption Model, as well as undertaken a detailed engineering design.


The Distributed System Platform (DSP) REV Demo aims to develop a Transactive Energy platform that can accurately calculate the locational value of energy and leverage local customer-owned DERs to fulfill system needs, creating a distribution level marketplace for energy. National Grid has partnered with the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC) as an initial test bed, and with Opus One Solutions for the technology development.

REV objectives addressed include: Market Animation, Transactive Grid, the Leveraging of Customer Contributions, System Efficiency, System Reliability and Resiliency

Current Status

The DSP is live. The BNMC is enrolled and participating in the marketplace. Currently the project team is working to expand the platform to a few additional locations and DERs, while continuing to improve the key features of the platform


National Grid is partnering with Solar Liberty and GE to help low-to moderate income (LMI) customers access renewable energy through a neighborhood solar project located in an economically distressed area. This project is also testing how solar can be paired with energy efficiency program offerings to maximize energy bill reductions for any resident located within the project study area.

REV objectives addressed include: Energy Choice, Enhanced Customer Knowledge and Tools for Effective Total Energy Bill Management, Market Animation, System Wide Efficiency

Current Status

Residential PV solar systems continue to be installed and connected, and the evaluation of grid efficiency benefits is underway. National Grid and NYSERDA also are collaborating to offer LMI customers energy efficiency solutions.

Current Status

Residential PV solar systems installation has been completed, and the evaluation of grid efficiency benefits continues. NYSERDA continues to offer energy efficiency solutions to all National Grid customers located within the Project study area


National Grid is partnering with Opower and clean energy providers to offer Clifton Park customers smart meters, programs, and price signals to manage their energy usage, to reduce energy bills and demand during peak times.

REV objectives addressed include: Market Animation, Increased Customer Knowledge, Energy Efficiency

Current Status

The project team has installed electric smart meters, gas ERTs, and Advanced Capacitors (VVO) throughout Clifton Park. The team continues to conduct mass marketing and promotion of DER solutions. A refined voluntary TOU rate is under development.


National Grid aims to accelerate the pace and scale of interconnecting distributed generation systems above 50kW through upfront investment by the Company along with alternative cost allocation methodology aimed at removing barriers for DG interconnection applicants.

REV objectives addressed include: System-wide Efficiency, System Reliability and Resiliency, Fuel and Resource Diversity, Transactive Grid

Current Status

National Grid initially tested the approach at two of its substations, Peterboro and East Golah. There are now enough pending DG interconnection applications to fully subscribe the capacity created by the common upgrades in these areas. National Grid plans to expand the approach to new areas.


National Grid, partnering with the City of Schenectady, will use street light infrastructure as a platform to deploy smart city technologies and services using connected devices and a low bandwidth wireless network. Three business models will be tested: Enhancing utility owned infrastructure, hybrid utility and smart city vendor shared infrastructure, and support city owned smart city infrastructure.

REV objectives addressed include: Market Animation, Enhanced Customer Knowledge, Leveraging Customer Contributions, Reducing CO2 Emissions, Rransactive Grid, Energy Efficiency

Current Status

This project will span three years and will be deployed in three phases.  Subsequent to detailed installation and the commissioning process, LED street lights will be installed, and the company will continue to test new business models and pricing options.


National Grid’s Smart Home Rate is linked to its Clifton Park Project. It will leverage the existing offering, tools, and price signals through a voice recognition technology platform that enables customers to control appliances in their home remotely.

REV objectives addressed include: Market Animation, System-wide Efficiency, Pricing and Rate Design, Increased Customer Knowledge

Current Status

Development of an implementation plan is underway.

Non-Wires Alternative (NWA) Projects

Since as early as 2006, National Grid has been working to reduce energy usage and defer transmission and distribution system upgrades through non-wires alternatives. NWA technologies include: demand response, energy efficiency, and distributed energy sources such as battery storage and distributed generation. The National Grid NWA team is working to advance more than 20 NWA opportunities in upstate New York.

For the latest information regarding potential NWA opportunities and their status, visit the REV Connect Non-Wires Alternatives web page and National Grid’s System Data Portal. From the System Data Portal, click on the “DER Opportunity Documents” tab located on the far right. National Grid also holds a regular NWA stakeholder update conference call. Please e-mail to be added to the invitation.

Available System Data

For currently accessible system data, see the Joint Utilities of NY Utility-Specific System Data page and National Grid’s System Data portal.

Relevant Filings

To access each filing, visit the NYS Department of Public Service web page ( and view filed documents in the Case Number provided.

Document Name Date of Filing Link
2018 DSIP 07/31/2018 National Grid DSIP [PDF] in Case # 14-M-0101
Supplemental DSIP 11/01/2016 Joint Utilities Supplemental DSIP [PDF] in Case # 14-M-0101
Efficiency Transition Implementation Plan (ETIP) 12/21/2017 NMPC 2017-2020 ETIP [PDF] in Case # 15-M-0252
Community Resilience Microgrid Demo 03/11/2016 Implementation Plan [PDF] and Quarterly Reports in Case # 14-M-0101

Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC) DSP Engagement Tool Demo 06/17/2016 Revised Scope [PDF] and Quarterly Reports in Case # 14-M-0101

Fruit Belt Neighborhood Solar Demo


Implementation Plan [PDF] and Quarterly Reports in Case # 14-M-0101
Demand Reduction in Clifton Park Demo 01/17/2017 Implementation Plan [PDF] and Quarterly Reports in Case # 14-M-0101
Smart Home Rate Demo Proposal 02/01/2017 Proposal [PDF] in Case # 14-M-0101
Distributed Generation Interconnection Demo 05/24/2017 Implementation Plan [PDF] and Quarterly Reports in Case # 14-M-0101
Smart City Demo in the City of Schenectady 10/24/2018 Implementation Plan [PDF] and Quarterly Reports in Case # 14-M-0101
Rate Case 03/15/2018 Order Establishing Electric and Gas Rate Plans [PDF] in Case # 17-E-0238
Earnings Adjustment Mechanisms (EAMs) set forth in Appendix 7 of the Joint Proposal 01/19/2018 Joint Proposal, Appendix 7 [PDF] in Case # 17-E-0238

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