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Orange and Rockland

Let’s take a closer look at this utility

Introduction to Orange and Rockland


Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. (O&R) is an electric and gas utility headquartered in Pearl River, New York. O&R and its subsidiary, Rockland Electric Company, serve approximately 300,000 electric customers in seven counties in New York and northern New Jersey and approximately 130,000 gas customers in New York. 

As a subsidiary of Con Edison, O&R and Con Edison share internal resources and services as allowed by law and regulation. As it relates to the Distribution System Implementation Plans (DSIPs), shared services include some functions of planning and forecasting as well as financial services. Additionally, O&R has worked in conjunction with Con Edison in the development of its DSIP and broader approach to Reforming the Energy Vision (REV). 

System Overview

O&R’s service territory encompasses a 1,300 square-mile region, principally residential in nature, with a broad base of commercial, industrial, agricultural, and recreational facilities. The area is a growing location for new commercial and industrial activities. 


Customer Type  Customers   Load (GWh / MMCF) 
Residential   264,000  2,550 
Commercial / Industrial  39,000  3,050 
Total   303,000  5,600 
Residential   125,000  15,000 
Commercial / Industrial  12,000  6,750 
Total   137,000  21,750 


Building Stock (# of customers)  Electric   Gas 
Single-Family  264,000  125,000 
Multifamily  26,000  8,000 
Commercial / Industrial  13,000  4,000 
Total   303,000  137,000 


Energy usage in the O&R territory is forecasted to decrease, and after accounting for DER, peak demand is forecasted to remain flat. 

 As of January 2021, O&R has installed over 370,000 electric smart meters and gas modules across its New York service territory. The mass deployment of smart meters concluded in October of 2020.  

Approach to the Climate Act

O&R’s vision is aligned with Climate Act targets and expects that supporting investments to achieve them will continue by leveraging the DSP capabilities that have been implemented or are in progress. O&R will prioritize grid modernization investments in transmission capacity, multi-value projects, alternative DER solutions, and utility-scale/utility-owned business models at the distribution system level. 

Notable initiatives include: 

  • Launch of a Heating Comparison Calculator which allows residential customers to compare the total cost of clean heat alternatives such as cold climate and geothermal heat pumps 
  • Innovative Storage Business Model (ISBM) Demonstration to evaluate the range of services BTM batteries can provide across multiple use cases 
  • Data Platform Pilota partnership with NYSERDA and New York Department of Public Staff to inform potential future database platforms and other mechanisms for the provision of system and customer data to third parties 
  • Innovative EV projects, including Make-Ready Program, workplace charging, ride & drive events, and EV rate design 

Achievements and targets include: 

Non-Wires Alternative Projects 

O&R is combining NWAs with smaller, less-costly traditional solutions to promote the use of DERs to meet grid needs where traditional NWAs may not be cost-effective. 

For descriptions and the status of current and upcoming NWA projects, visit the REV Connect Non-Wires Alternatives web page or O&R Non-Wires Solutions web page.  


Available System Data and Planning 

For currently accessible system data, see Joint Utilities of NY Utility-Specific System Data web page. For system planning, see Joint Utilities of NY Utility-Specific Hosting Capacity web page and O&R Applying for Private Generation Interconnection web page. 


 REV Demos 

For descriptions and progress of current and past REV Demos, visit the NY DPS REV Demonstration Projects web page. 


Relevant Filings

To access each filing, visit the NYS Department of Public Service web page and view filed documents in the Case Number provided. 


Document Name  Date of Filing  Cadence  Link 
NYS Electric Vehicle Make-Ready Program Filings  09/14/2020 


  O&R EV Make-Ready Implementation Plan  

O&R Managed Charging Proposal  in  

Case # 18-E-0138 

2019-2025 System Energy Efficiency Plan (SEEP)  09/16/2020  1 year  O&R SEEP in  

Case # 18-M-0084 

Statewide 2020-2025 LMI Implementation Portfolio Implementation Plan  07/24/2020    Statewide LMI Implementation Plan in  

Case # 18-M-0084 

2020 Distributed System Implementation Plan (DSIP)  06/30/2020  2 years  O&R 2020 DSIP in  

Case # 16-M-0411  

NYS Clean Heat Statewide Heat Pump Program Implementation Plan  06/01/2020    NYS Clean Heat Implementation Plan  in  

Case # 18-M-0084 

2020-2023 Electric and Gas Rate Case Filing  03/14/2019  3 years  Order Establishing Electric and Gas Rate Plans i
Case # 18-E-0067 Case # 18-G-0068 
Relevant filings in Gas Planning Procedures  2020    NY JU Modernized Gas Planning Process (07/17/2020) 

O&R Supply and Demand Analysis (07/31/2020) 

O&R 150-day Filing (08/17/2020) 

in Case # 20-G-0131 

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